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Clinical Software Services offers a wide variety of consulting and custom engineering services.   Below is an overview of basic services.  For more information on whether or not Clinical Software Services can assist you with your clinical software needs contact us using the contact form.


Encounter Forms, Templates, Custom Lists and other clinical content.  Clinical Software Services specializes in clinical content for Centricity EMR (formerly Logician.)  CSS can provide custom encounter forms designed to your specification, using advanced MEL engineering. CSS has worked with several clinical specialties and has built hundreds of forms for a variety of clinical needs. 

CSS can build any form to your specification, or work with you on the best design to meet your clinical workflow.  With over 10 years experience, CSS can suggest proven designs that solve a variety of clinical issues.

¨ Form Building/Custom Engineering

CSS can help you make the most of the data you have collected in your EMR.  Specializing in Crystal Reports, CSS can provide you with custom designed clinical or system reports.   If you clinic needs more comprehensive reporting, CSS can design Microsoft Access reports that allow for more powerful reporting outside of your software package.

CSS can also assist with defining data collection standards so that the information on your reports is more readable and meaningful. 

¨ Reporting

From the most basic beginner to advanced 'power' users, CSS can develop custom training programs based on your clinic's workflows and software.  Training on basic software use for new staff, refresher courses, new module implementation training or clinical content development.  CSS can develop training manuals, online documentation and courses, and can 'train-the-trainer' in your clinic.

CSS specializes in both basic and advanced training on the Visual Form Editor, Encounter Form Editor and MEL, and Crystal Reports.

For a complete list of classes available, please visit the Classes page.

¨ Training

From basic consulting on individual projects and workflows to complete implementation project management, CSS can provide all aspects of consulting on your EMR product.

CSS can provide assistance with workflows, interfaces, preload, project management and system customization based on over 10 years of experience working with EMR software.

CSS also offers consulting and project management on e-Preload services.  If you have electronic data that you would like to import into your EMR, CSS can assist in configuring data, importing problems, medications, documents and immunizations from your state registry. 

¨ General Consulting

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