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The Introduction to MEL class is designed for beginning programmers and those new to MEL. The class covers the basics of the MEL programming language and how it can  be used in both Centricity and Visual Form Editor to enhance the functionality of your clinical content.  Topics include working with Data Symbols, MEL Utility functions, basic calculations, working with dates, conditional statements and troubleshooting MEL. Class is designed for users with at least 3 months of form building experience. Offered onsite, online and by request.

Introduction to MEL with VFE - NEW!

Learn the fundamentals of building Encounter Forms for Centricity EMR using the Visual Form Editor from Logical Innovations.  Class includes form design, formatting, document design, intermediate features such as visibility and required fields, and troubleshooting skills. Class is for new and intermediate users who have a working knowledge of Centricity EMR.   Class is designed for the non-programmer who is interested in getting started building or editing forms.  Offered onsite, online and by request.

Beginning Visual Form Editor

Clinical Software Services

Onsite Classes

Onsite classes are offered at various times and locations throughout the year. Please check the currently scheduled classes page for a list of upcoming dates and locations.  Onsite classes are 2 days, and cost 1650.00 per person.


Online classes

Online classes are offered throughout the year.  Classes are 2 2 hour sessions per week for 2 and a half weeks.  Online classes are a combination of 2 hour online lecture sessions with exercises in between sessions.  Classes include 5 GoToTraining sessions, all course materials and dedicated office hours for assistance with exercises.  Online classes require a high speed internet connection, telephone and a workstation loaded with the appropriate software.  For a list of currently scheduled online classes, please see the currently schedule classes page. Online classes are 1650.00 per person.

With over 15 years experience working with and training on Centricity EMR, Clinical Software Services brings you the most in-depth comprehensive and detailed EMR training available.  Each class has been carefully developed to impart both practical working knowledge as well as understanding of background concepts to allow students to build on what they learn in class.


Classes are designed with a sense of humor and fun to make learning enjoyable as well as an enlightening experience. All courses include a balance of lecture and exercises so students can put into practice what they have learned and gain real hand-on experience.


Clinical Software Services offers both scheduled trainings throughout the year as well as customized onsite training targeted specifically to your needs.


For more information and a list of scheduled trainings, visit our class registration page or contact us using the contact page.

The Intermediate VFE and MEL class is designed for those with previous programming experience, either with MEL or another language. Building on basic MEL techniques, the class covers advanced VFE features,  functions and expressions, complex data symbols, MEL Utilities, Arrays and Looping, function libraries and troubleshooting complex MEL.  Class is designed for users with previous programming experience. Offered onsite, online and by request.

Intermediate Visual Form Editor and MEL

Clinical Software Services offers a variety of custom training options on all aspects of Centricity EMR.  From new user training to advanced form building, CSS can work with you on a custom training program targeted specifically to your needs.  Either onsite or web based training options are available.  CSS can also assist with designing your own training solutions and offers Train the Trainer style consulting to maximize the success of your training staff.

Custom Training Options

Crystal Reports for EMR

Learn the concepts behind writing Crystal Reports with the Centricity EMR database. Course includes understanding relational databases, using the Centricity Data Dictionary, table selection, linking, formatting a report, grouping data, selection and sorting, and using reports both in and outside Centricity EMR with a focus on EMR clinical data. Class is for new report writers with a working knowledge of Centricity EMR. Offered onsite, online and by request.